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International Laparoscopic Visceral Surgery Week - Curriculum III






Faculty speaker:

Karl Miller, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof. of Surgery


Headsurgeon and Chairman of the Surgical Department


A.ö. KH Hallein / Salzburg


Bürgermeisterstr. 48


A-4500 Hallein / Salzburg


Tel: +43-6245-799-360






Introduction to laparoscopic gastric surgery with lectures, videos and discussion


  Anatomy / Pathophysiology


-  Indications / Contraindications (see anti-reflux surgery)


-  Functional testing (see pathophysiology)


-  Risks / Complications (see anti-reflux surgery)


·      Anti-reflux surgery


·      Gastric perforations


·      Gastric banding


·      Gastric bypass

SAGB Curriculum

Miller K. SAGB Curriculum - DVD Rom, 2003 Educational DVD-Rom Series, IMC Bern, Switzerland